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Centre for Massage and Yoga


Deva Yoga


Touching your soul through your body
Health and Strength

Do you want to practice Yoga in harmony with your current personal constitution?

Every moment consciously, joyfully and to the right degree?


Deva Yoga - learn to listen to your body:


  • What are its needs?

  • What makes it feel good?

  • Where are its limits?

  • What does it want to tell you?

  • How can you learn to support it lovingly?


I will help you find your very own yoga path and to attentively practice. Depending on the mood or theme, we practice softly or strongly, slow or fast, fiery or calm, in silence or with music.

In addition to the yoga postures (Asanas) and breathing exercises (Pranayama) also the chakras (energy centres in the body) and other energetic aspects can be involved in the exercise process. Likewise, individual body parts or functions can be specifically focused upon.


It is very important to me to teach yoga in a way that is mindful, grateful, joyful, appreciative and encouraging.

As a physiotherapist, it is essential for me to protect participants from injury or stress and to teach how this can be implemented in ones own practice. 

It's a constant challenge to be aware and to remember that ambition has no place in yoga, to find exactly the right extent for this, your body by listening lovingly to it - every moment anew.


So much is possible and everything is designed and guided with my therapeutically trained eye and intuition.


Deva Yoga

At the moment I only offer Yoga in private sessions.

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