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Modita Judit Wieser - Life and Business Mentoring


The biggest change on my path occured after a serious illness in 1985 when I was 25 years old. In waking consciousness I had a near-death experience, which led to a spontaneous spiritual and physical healing and brought me back in touch with my origins and with the love and wisdom of God.


Intuitively I realized that I am to integrate this love and wisdom more and more into my life and to accompany people from this source.


From it I draw today - in addition to many basic and advanced trainings, which I have visited over the years - my inner guidance, my knowledge, as well as strength and inspiration.

I teach and assist with my highly sensitive gift - in lectures, seminars, individual sessions, coachings (also distance sessions on the phone), in meditation evenings and healing days.


Again and again I experience that my intense presence acts as a catalyst that triggers or intensifies and accelerates the process of clarification and realignment, as well as processes of self-healing and self-recognition. 

On my website you can read more details about my work and background. (German)

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