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Devi Anne Wieser

Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist, Coach

This journey started very early for me. As a small child I would massage my dad nearly every evening after dinner. He is a big guy and had very hard shoulders from his work as an electrical engineer, mainly sitting and working away in his workshop. My little hands were no match for him, so I stepped up onto his back and held on to the backrest of the couch for a little stability. And so I would walk up and down his back, relieving my lovely dad from his tensions and pain.

Now, quite some years later, thankfully my hands have grown quite a bit and I have other tools in my toolbox also. Both my dad and my mum very much enjoy my massages nowadays, all classical on a proper table and such.

As a trained physiotherapist I am now very knowledgable about the body. It astonishes me again and again and I often feel deep wonder and gratitude. It is so complex and it's way of working, how everything functions with everything else simply amazes me! And on top of the physical aspect come all the energetics that our spirit or infinite being brings with it as well. Just Wow!


Massage - Since 2005, I have learned various forms of massage and tested them in practice. In the process I found the TouchLife® method to be the most comprehensive and profound. In addition to elements of classical, medical, ayurvedic and deep tissue massage as well as foot reflexology, TouchLife® forms the basis of my treatments.

Energy Work - Are you stuck in a rut? Feeling compressed and stressed? Wondering where YOU are in your life? Repeating the same patterns and Dramas over and over?

These patterns and imprints can be dissolved with Access Consciousness® Body processes and Access Bars®. Come in and reconnect to your true self, the infinite, powerful, joyful being.

Yoga - I completed my training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, a flowing form of yoga, in Thailand. There are also aspects of various meditation techniques, Yin Yoga, my personal experiences and therapeutic knowledge that flow into my practice. At the moment I do not offer Yoga to clients.


Coaching - Me having an amazing mum, that initiated me into this "alternative" world at a very young age, is a huge benefit to my life and work. I am very passionate about supporting people into more fulfilling, relaxed and joy-filled lives. I do this with my Joyful Living Coaching, which you can find HERE on a separate website, dedicated exclusively to this.


The start of 2015 was a brand new start for me, coming back to Zurich from Asia and stepping excitedly into full self-employment. I very much look forward to supporting you in a healing way with massages, energetic bodywork and coaching.

Casa Deva - Massage, Energy, Joy

Touching your soul through your body

Deva is the ancient Indian name for the "Heavenly" or "Divine". Such is Deva Massage!


Praxis für spirituelle Therapie und Meditation


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